Sonny With A Chance

Multitracks (Stems, Custom Backing Tracks)

(2 songs available)


Me, Myself and Time

Sonny With A Chance feat. Demi Lovato
mp3Custom backing track. 12 individual channels:
Arpegiator, Backing Vocals, Backing Vocals ad lib, Bass Synth 1, Bass Synth 2, Drum Kit, Electric Guitar, Lead Vocal, Piano, Sound Effect, Synth Keys, Synth Pad

So Far So Great

Sonny With A Chance & Demi Lovato
mp3Custom backing track. 14 individual channels:
Backing Vocals, Bass, Drum Kit, Electric Guitar clean, Electronic Percussion 1, Electronic Percussion 2, Hand Clap, Lead Electric Guitar, Lead Vocal, Lead Vocal (ad lib), Rhythm Electric Guitar (center) mono, Rhythm Electric Guitar (center) stereo, Rhythm Electric Guitar (right), Synth Pad