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How to Get Started? We're often asked:

  • How to download
  • 1. Download works for registered users only. Create your free account.

    2. Check if you're logged in, open a page with any multitrack (for example, some free tracks), then scroll down. Download links are under the multitrack player. Click these links, and then check your download folder.

    3. Very important! Our multitrack player does not affect audio files downloaded by you. It plays only a short fragment of a song. But a full-length demo mix (with vocals) is free for EACH SONG. You can download the demo mix even if you have not started any payments.

  • What is the download format
  • All tracks are high-quality WAV files - 48 000 Hz, 24 bits, stereo.
  • How to make a mix
  • You can download high-quality audio WAV files from our library and import them to your favorite music program. It may be Audacity, Reaper, Cubase, ProTools, FLStudio, Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, or any other music software supporting multitrack mixing and editing. It could be hardware DAW/samplers like Roland, Yamaha, Tascam, Korg, etc.

    It's very important to know that this site is not an application for mixing, and you cannot make your mix with the help of this site.

    Recommended software:

    For newbies: use Audacity or Reaper for basic tasks. Install Cubase, ProTools, FLStudio, or any other DAW for more advanced editing or mixing.
  • Is this a free library
  • No, this library is NOT free. Membership opens up access to all 4775 multitracks in this collection.
  • What is the price
  • We provide prices and currencies according to your location. It makes our site convenient for users from various locations. Sign-up or log in to see our Pricing.
  • Will my card be billed monthly after the first payment / Is this a subscription
  • All our payments are one-time, non-recurring. It's not a subscription, and you will not be billed monthly. No matter what payment method you use.
  • How to test it for free
  • 1. You can download a full demo mix of any song for free.
    2. To test your device(s), download projects from our free section.
    Free downloads work for registered users only.
  • Are these original recordings
  • No, these recordings are not the originals. These are re-recordings. We reproduce songs as close to the originals as possible. For your convenience, you can download a full demo mix of any song (for free). Do not make payments if the overall sound of the multitrack does not match your task.
  • Can I buy a single song
  • No, we don't sell individual tracks. With Membership, you have full library access.
  • Can I download my files again if Membership is expired
  • No, you can't do it. Download is not available for free users, and you have to upgrade your account again to re-download songs. You can backup your downloads on your hard disks or flash drives when you have a Membership if needed. We recommend saving at least two copies in different places.
  • With a Membership, how many tracks will I get
  • Download limits depend on your tariff plan. You can find download limits in the Pricing table.
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