The Weeknd

Multitracks (Stems, Custom Backing Tracks)

(4 songs available)


Earned It

The Weeknd
mp3Custom backing track. 9 individual channels:
Backing Vocals, Bass, Drum Kit, Lead Vocal, Metal bars, Piano, String Section, Synthesizer

Elastic Heart

The Weeknd & Sia
mp3Custom backing track. 15 individual channels:
Arr. Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, Electronic Drum Kit, Lead VocalSia, Male Lead Vocal, Percussion, Piano, Sound Effect, Synth Keys, Synth Pad, Synthesizer(trance)

mp3Custom backing track. 12 individual channels:
Backing Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass, Electronic Drum Kit, Lead Vocal Ariana Grande, Lead Vocal The Weeknd, Organ, Percussion, Sound Effect, Synthesizer, Vibes

Where You Belong

The Weeknd
mp3Custom backing track. 11 individual channels:
Backing Vocals, Bass Synth, Bass Synth (Sub), Electric Guitar, Electronic Drum Kit, Lead Vocal, Lead Vocal (ad lib), Sonar, Synth Keys, Synth Pad