The Lonely Island

Multitracks (Stems, Custom Backing Tracks)

(2 songs available)


I'm On A Boat

The Lonely Island & T-Pain
mp3Custom backing track. 11 individual channels:
Backing Vocals, Bass Synth, Electronic Drum Kit, Lead VocalT-Pain, Lead VocalThe Lonely Island, Orchestra Hit, Sound Effect, String Section, Synth Pad, Synthesizer(Moog)

Mother Lover

The Lonely Island feat. Justin Timberlake
mp3Custom backing track. 12 individual channels:
Backing Vocals, Bass Synth 1, Bass Synth 2, Electronic Drum Kit, Lead Vocal Andy Samberg, Lead Vocal Justin Timberlake, Maracas, Sound Effect (clock), Synth Keys, Synth Pad, Synthesizer