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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Stems, Isolated Tracks, and Custom Backing Tracks, and how are they different from Karaoke?
Are these original (authentic) studio multitracks?
Why does a mixer on the site play only a fragment of the song? Where can I find a complete version?
Is this a free library?
How much does a Membership cost?
Can I try it for free?
Can I buy an individual song from this library?
With a Membership, is there any additional cost for each multitrack?
Is my trial account limited in time?
Can I upload my song to this site to separate the instruments’ sounds?
Can I publish my cover video (or audio) on YouTube, Spotify, TV, radio, or elsewhere?
How many songs can I download with a Membership?
Will my card be billed monthly / Is this a recurring payment or a Subscription?
Can I re-download previously downloaded tracks when Membership has expired?
Can I play a whole song or make a full-fledged mix online, with the help of this site?
What is the download format?
Can I download MIDI files of these songs?
After downloading, can I add my MIDI tracks to these stems?
Will I get separated drums (kick, snare, hh, toms, etc., in separate audio files)?
Are drums and percussion on separate tracks?
Are these tracks DRY (without effects) or WET (with effects)?
Can I upload my song to this site to separate the instruments’ sounds?
How many songs are currently available for downloading?
How to become a VIP Member? Where can I find a VIP catalog?
I need a vocal or drumless stereo backing track, but not stems. How can I download it?
I am trying to register, but the site says `Invalid email`. Why?
I cannot hear a preview of the song on my device.
I can't login. How do I recover my password?
How do I delete my account?
Why have I been locked out of live chat?